April 2021

It's official. The Music Shed is opening it's doors on Tuesday 20th April for a busy 12 week term ahead.  It will be so good to see everyone as well as welcome some new faces.  Thanks everyone for your continued support and zoom patience!  

See you soon, Lx

Come along to THE MUSIC SHED where you can sing, dance, and laugh with your little one.  Fun, local music classes for babies and children, aged from 4 months up to 3+ years.


What do we do?

Based in my barn in the garden, just 5 minutes NE from Andover, I hold classes in the mornings between 9-12.  It is a lovely way of meeting like minded mums in a home from home environment.

Specifically designed for children at the same age and stage, the classes are fun filled with song, dance, rhymes, props, instruments and toys.

We then put the kettle on afterwards and have a good catch-up over a cuppa and biscuits.  Friendships are formed between mothers/ fathers/ carers as well as the children.  It really is a wonderful place to share such happy, integral moments with your little ones.

How does it work?

Each class is divided up into certain age-groups from Tinies, Tots and Toddlers. We sit in a circle on cushions and do a structured 40 minute class full of music and then have coffee afterwards whilst the children play.  Maximum 7 parents/ carers with one or two children to a class.


Each class is designed around the age and stage of development of your child.  We follow the same structure each week which the children get to know within the Hello and Goodbye song, with some dancing, clapping and singing; some percussion, some puppetry, some fun toys to play with as well as good old nursery rhymes lest we forget! 

The three different groups are as follows:




Age: 4 months to 1+year


A gentle collection of sensory songs: stimulating, touching, feeling and moving melodies with mummy.  We start on the floor and gradually work our way up to standing and dancing around the shed.   A themed class with lots of movement and the opportunity to explore whilst listening, feeling and watching (I know how impossible it is to keep a crawling baby still!).  A wonderful start where first smiles and giggles appear.


Age: 1yr to 2+yrs

Up on our feet and it’s time for first dancing steps, playing musical instruments and recognising songs of old and new.  An active class that lets walking toddlers just have a go!  Incorporating early listening and copying skills, fun games and ‘messy play’ (in the musical sense!), this class is lots of fun and all about making a lot of noise.  Full of original ideas to spark curiosity and to help discover that magical world of sound.


Age: 2 yrs to 3+yrs

A wonderful chance for children to enjoy the basic principles of music-making.  Through singing, dancing and playing, the children subtly learn about rhythm, dynamics and sound, combined with improving body co-ordination skills. Role play, imaginary scenarios, early counting and basic colours are all apart of this busy class.  Eager to learn, the children begin to take instruction and discover they can actually start to make music all by themselves! 

Class Times

  • Tuesdays at 9.10:  TODDLERS

  • Tuesdays at 10.55:  TINIES

  • Wednesdays at 9.10:  TODDLERS

  • Wednesdays at 10.55: TODDLERS

  • Thursdays at 9.10:  TOTS

  • Thursdays at 10.55:  TINIES

  • Fridays at 9.10: TODDLERS & SIBLINGS

  • Fridays at 10.55: TINIES


Tuesday 5th January to Friday 12th February


Tuesday 23rd February to Thursday 1st April*

*(Friday 2nd April is Good Friday)

Class Content

CLASS CONTENT: includes Sensory Touch and Moving Little Limbs; Rolling Riddles; Puppet Shows; Peek-a-Boo songs with silk scarves or mirrors;  Tickling songs with feathers; Favourite Nursery Rhymes; Parachute songs with balls;  Learning basic music concepts; Hats; Recognising Parts of the Body songs;  Fun Props; Noisy Songs with Percussion; Bouncing Songs; Dancing moves; Marching around with Balloons songs, Story-Books; Relaxing to Classical music with Bubbles....

The Music Shed

There is a kitchen with kettle and micro-wave, changing-facilities, loo and a couple of sofas to chill out/ feed if the need arises!

  • PRICES: Each class is £10.00 with coffee, and I ask people to commit to half or full termly chunks.

  • PARKING:     Please could you park in my drive (up to 5 cars squeezed in, just!), along the hedge towards the church, or in the Church Lay-by (upto 3 cars).  Please do NOT park Andover side of my drive (too close to the corner)!


  • SIBLINGS:     Please check with me first if you intend to bring a family member.  Currently I need to keep within my bubble of 15 in the barn, so I can let you know if there is a space on the day. Thank you.

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What the fellow mummies say....!

"Lily and I had the most wonderful two years at The Music Shed.  We both jumped out of bed on a Wednesday morning ready for a happy morning of singing, music and Lucy's brilliant puppetry performances followed by coffee and chats. I made life-long friends.  The time and care which Lucy put into each session shone through; they were always totally original and huge fun, even for the mums (and occasional dads/grannies/nannies etc). Thank you Lucy, we both miss The Music Shed." Mary

"Lucy's Music Shed is so good that we continued to come along every week even when we moved 45 minutes away! The babies and toddlers love the variety, cosy familiarity and humour of her thoughtfully chosen and beautifully performed songs and music.  Lucy ensures every child, whether extrovert or shy, is included and encouraged and I am sure it is down to her kindness that our daughter has gone from not leaving my lap to happily taking full part in any other class I now take her to.  Carefully divided into age groups it can be much needed support for the adults in the early days as well as fun for the babies.  Lucy is happy to offer advice and cheerful natter at the end of each session.  I can't recommend her classes more whole heartedly." Ella

"Coming to The Music Shed has been the weekly highlight for my child over the last 18 months.  Lots of variety from new dances, to old nursery rhymes, with all sorts of colours and sounds inbetween.  We especially like the bag of percussion instruments.  Lucy is always fun and upbeat and the pace of the class is energetic which keeps my child (and me!) very entertained. " Kate

About The Music Shed

I set up The Music Shed nearly 10 years ago, when I was persuaded by fellow mums at my local primary school to do some singing for little ones.   I was lucky enough to have the great space of the barn in my garden, so with the combination of my music degree and "being a mother" degree, The Music Shed was formed.  I have not looked back since and as more babies are born, there is always a space for them here!


It has been a wonderful experience for me as often I see a whole family through from when they start as small babies to when they are careering about as toddlers!  Music is such an important part to their development that it is wonderful to see the progress these little people make when exposed to sound, rhythm and timbre from such a receptive age.


If you would like to hear more about the classes, please just use the form beneath or ring/e-mail me direct on the details at the bottom of this page:

(m) 07702 280 792

Smannell, Andover SP11 6JW

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